12 x 18 Window


14 x 21 Window

This window can be used in place of the 12x18 window but the framing will need to be modified.

Latch for Main Coop Door and Run

This latch is easy to install and is not as difficult to align as some of the other styles.

Hardware Cloth

Hardware cloth is my favorite choice for chicken run. It is much more durable than chicken wire.

4" Tee Hinges

A very durable and great looking hinge for you coop door and nest box lid

2" Tee Hinges

You will need a pair of hinges for the chicken door if you dont install a automatic chicken door . 

White Louvered Vent

Hitachi Framing Nail Gun

Nesting Box Herbs

Barrel latch for chicken door

Happy Hen Treats

Dewalt Miter Saw

Chicken Feeder

Automatic Chicken Door

Cordless Tool Kit

Flock Block

Portable Air Compressor

Chicken Waterer

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